Miss Cherry Bomb

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The Singing Starlet

The Little Redhead with the Big Voice!

Miss Cherry Bomb Ltd. reg 08737552


Jo-Hanna Hamilton - "An absolutely incredible achievement from one of our amazing locals; a top class performer and personality to have at any event, an event that needs that special swing must have Miss Cherry Bomb to add some classy entertainment."


sarahwithstars - "Miss Cherry Bomb, you completely blew me away on Friday when you sang Umbrella. You have the most beautiful eyes and I dont know if it is just 'what you do', but when you perform you light up with your whole life force and you made sure we heard every word and understood each sentiment- while being quirky and sexy.  I am so glad you were awarded a position/award even if you didnt win. I voted for you, of course.  Perfect diction, projection+ articulation should never be underestimated in it's importance in vocal music and people don't seem to realise that anoymore in the industry; people try to make themselves sound different/iconic/distinctive with fake affectations - but you sound unique because you put all of YOU into it!"


Taunton Comedy Festival - "Miss Cherry Bomb is like musical prozac"